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We’re excited to announce our first ever Tadeos branded cups! As a small business, both physically and time – wise, this is a step forward for us. These cups are 16 oz┬ápint glasses perfect for beer, juice, milk, or any cold beverage. We will be using them instead of our normal plastic cups. Now, when you call your buddy, or significant other about your location, you can just look at the drink in your hand and say, “Tadeos!”

These are also available for purchase, but there is a limited supply so stop on by whenever you can!

We hope everyone is enjoying their weeks, and can find the time to visit us soon!

~ Tadeos Mexican Restaurant


With the after math of what has become another American tragedy we need to stop and take a moment to breathe, and think about what this means for us as a nation today, and what this means going into the future. 

As a nation, this only reflects the worst parts of us, but that doesnt take away from all the good that we do. Americans take part in acts of kindness everyday, and single acts are how times change. Deep change always begins at the individual level, and then spreads with the help of some friends. Look at the civil Rights movement. Rosa Parks was not the first woman to refuse her seat, but because she had many friends whose life’s she had touched with her altruism, a movement was sparked. 

Here at Tadeos, we are proud to serve everyone no matter their race, ethnicity, age, skin color, religion, sex orientation, socioeconomic class, ability or disabilities. We have done so in the past, and we will continue to do so as we believe no business can thrive unless it accepts the diversity of its own customers. We may only be a small business, but we believe by setting this example we hopefully encourage other businesses, as well as people in our area to act with the same openness and respect towards each other. 

For the future, we hope it is full of people accepting the differences in one another, and treating each other as they themselves wish to be treated. 

Safe and Secure: Why you need cameras in your restaurant, (if you don’t have them already)

A Bottle of Patron

It all started one windy Tuesday when everyone was off and about doing their morning dues. My mother entered the restaurant in a hurry, as usual, but noticed that a bottle of Patron that was on display was gone. She ran into the back and asked the waiter if he was cleaning it, or if someone had stolen it. The waiter then went to check out the scene, and was shocked. “It was just there! I went to the back to get a cleaning cloth a second ago, and it was there!” he exclaimed. Mother was not amused. “That bottle is worth so much money! And now, someone is walking around with it for free! Why would you let such a thing happen?!” She hollered. The waiter was hurt by this comment, and explained sarcastically, “If there were cameras in this place we would at least know who did it, but I guess we don’t, so we’re just going to blame the waiter huh?” I watched from afar all of this happen, and realized he was right. If we had cameras, we would be able to use the footage, and not be helpless to random robberies.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 12.03.24 PM.png

On the Go

The next week I went online on search for cheap, durable, and effective security cameras. I found a great deal for two for twenty dollars and we installed them right away. The great thing about these cameras was that I could see what’s happening at the restaurant at anytime on my phone. So, overtime that the restaurant overflows, I know, and I can be on my way. Not to mention if, and when another robber tries to swipe something.

Lesson Learned

Nowadays, I like to think that the cameras steer robbers away because we haven’t had a similar incident since, except the time a homeless man stole a chair, and mother walked down the street and took it back. That is why I hope restaurant owners understand the importance of not just one, but several cameras in a place where anyone can come in at anytime, and walk away just as easily.


Hello, everyone!

This blog is going to be run by Maria and her dad Horacio who will be doing most of the spanish posting. We hope everyone is enjoying their summer, and we wish you good luck in all your adventures! We also hope you will stop in and have some yummy food with us, and tell us all about them!

Some things to expect in this blog include:

  1. Updates on events like weddings, parties, and gatherings we cater
  2. Photos of our awesome customers eating our delicious food!
  3. Charitable donations / events we take part of
  4. Some of our recipes on how to make amazingly authentic Mexican food
  5. Tips for entrepreneurs looking to start a restaurant

This is the first post for this blog, so if you know us and our food make sure to subscribe, share, and comment! Thank you guys, and see you next week!

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